New Zealand Certificate in English Language 

(Level 1) 60 Credits


level 1

The aim of the NZCEL Level 1 programme is to equip learners with minimal command of English who wish to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Learners will learn the appropriate language skills required to communicate with support, in basic, familiar, everyday situations in order to participate in an English language environment. This programme will develop the learner's study skills through face-to-face and self-directed learning.

College Classroom

Employment Pathways

Holders of this Certificate will have the English language skills to work in positions that require:

  • production of basic, short phrases on routine manners

  • understanding of short, basic, predictable spoken and written phrases

Education Pathways

This Certificate builds on the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Foundation) (Level 1) [Ref: 1879] and can lead to:

  • New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 2) [Ref: 1881]

Delivery Options

This programme is delivered via self-directed and face-to-face learning.

"I enjoyed studying at Skill NZ. I made lots of friends. The tutor and admin staff had been really helpful and understanding. They gave me an opportunity to complete the course. I would love to come back and study again at Skill NZ in the future."
- Amrita Devi