New Zealand Certificate in English Language 

(Level 1) 60 Credits


level 1

The purpose of this programme, which builds on the NZ Certificate in English Language Foundation (Level 1), is to assist learners with a minimal command of English to develop  their listening, speaking, reading and writing English language skills.


The language skills learnt in this programme will help learners to communicate in everyday situations and participate in an English language environment in general. These fundamental language skills will also provide graduates with the opportunity to pursue further educational pathways, and/or be eligible for employment roles that require minimal and basic communication.


This programme is designed for learners with a limited understanding of the English language.

College Classroom
Programme Content:


The course content consists of a Unit Standard structure, and includes the following assessment criteria:

  • Write simple texts on everyday topics

  • Write simple texts for practical everyday purposes

  • Complete simple forms with personal information

  • Demonstrate understanding of simple spoken texts in everyday situations

  • Demonstrate understanding of simple spoken instructions in everyday situations

  • Read and understand simple texts in everyday contexts

  • Read and understand simple texts for everyday practical purposes

  • Read and understand a range of simple written texts independently

  • Participate in simple everyday spoken interactions

  • Present simple information on an everyday familiar topics

Duration and Hours:

Programme duration: 20 weeks

Class time: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 2:00pm


Education Pathway:


Graduates may progress into the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 2).


Entry Requirements:
  • Must be 18 years of age or older at the time of enrolment.

  • Must have achieved NZCEL (Foundation) (Level 1); or must be tested upon arrival to ensure they meet the requirements for the NZCEL Level 1 programme.

"I really enjoyed studying at Skill NZ. The staff are really helpful, patient and kind, and it was also easy to make friends with other learners. I would love to come back and do further study at Skill NZ in the future."

- Amrita Devi