Founded in 1993, we are a private training establishment based in Manukau. 
Skill New Zealand is a NZQA Registered and
Accredited Provider.

Certificate in Health
L4 - 122 Credits

The aim of this provider-led programme is to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to work alongside people, family, and/or whanau accessing social and community services, under broad guidance. 

The purpose of this qualification is to provide organisations within the health and wellbeing sectors with graduates who have the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to work alongside people, family and/or whanau accessing social and community services, under broad guidance. 


Diploma in Health
L5 - 121 Credits

This New Zealand Diploma in Health and Well-being aims to produce graduates, either those already working in the health and wellbeing sector or those who wish to enter the sector, with knowledge and advanced practical abilities that enables graduates to practice as health professionals in local communities in a range of support services roles for the disability and mental health sub-fields.

Students will study, apply and evaluate advanced practice skills, abilities and knowledge in the focused sub-fields of disability and mental health that allows graduates to work independently with clients in residential, community and hospital care contexts.

If you want an integrated programme that teaches both in the classroom and in the workplace; providing students with opportunities to apply the theory, practices and techniques in a relevant healthcare workplace, then this could be the programme for you.



Intensive Literacy and Numeracy - English for Speakers of Other Languages (ILN - ESOL).

This is a literacy and numeracy-English course at a foundation level for speakers of other languages. We help students develop skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing through teaching basic grammar, spelling, pronunciation and culture.

This course is helpful if you need support and assistance for settling into Kiwi society.

We have experienced and qualified teachers who have a passion for teaching adult learners to experience success in developing the student’s foundation skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking and numeracy in English.

The teacher’s qualifications include the Certificate of Access course 4098, Certificate of Teaching Adult Literacy and Numeracy



PELT (Pre-Purchased English Language Tuition)
This is a literacy and numeracy-English for immigrant residency of New Zealand. As a part of their residency requirements, some migrants are required to pay English language tuition fees to Immigration New Zealand before arriving in New Zealand. Our school is an approved PELT tertiary education organisation to deliver this course in order to help students develop skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

We offer flexible ways to deliver lessons and students may choose, either home visit teaching, one to one or on-campus group teaching. 

This course is for you if you want help and support to settle into Kiwi culture and society.

Pasifika Training Provider since 1993

NZQA is Highly Confident in the Educational Performance and Capability of
Self-assessment of Skill New Zealand