NZCEL: New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Applied) (Level 3) 60 credits


This programme of study is for you if you need to improve your English language proficiency with an identified goal of meeting language entry requirements for programmes of study that lead to New Zealand Qualifications listed at Level 4 or below on the NQF. 


This programme has been designed to engage students who have an expressed desire to pathway into vocational educational programmes of study in health and wellbeing and a pathway that leads to employment opportunities in the New Zealand healthcare sector.


This is an integrated programme that teaches English skills that are required in a New Zealand healthcare context. There are courses that cover speaking, listening, reading and writing that supports learners communicating with increasing confidence and fluency in academic, community and/or employment English language for healthcare contexts.    


Graduates of this qualification will benefit by gaining transferable knowledge and behavioural attributes valued in the healthcare sector and will be able to:  

  • Understand main points and some specific details of moderately complex oral texts on reasonably familiar topics relevant to employment in the healthcare context. 

  • Participate with some confidence in continuous conversation and dialogues that are familiar to employment in the healthcare context.

  • Understand the main points and some specific details of reasonably difficult written texts that are common within employment opportunities in New Zealand healthcare sector.

  • Write independently and with fluency on familiar topics relevant to the health and wellbeing context in New Zealand.

  • Write clear connected texts on reasonably familiar topics relevant to the healthcare sector.

  • Or will have the English language skills to work in entry level positions in the health and wellbeing sectors that require

  • participate in face-to-face interpersonal communication  

  • responds to basic, context-specific texts  

  • produce simple, context-specific record-keeping.


This qualification is intended for learners of English as an additional language who wish to apply their English language proficiency to a specific context and is at a level comparable to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) low B2.

Time:Monday – Thursday – Total on-campus study is 20 hours with 13.34 hours of teacher directed home study

Duration:Normal progression for a full-time student is 6 months and the maximum time to complete from enrolment date is 12 months; when approved by Skill New Zealand Management.


Entry requirements       

Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age,

Domestic Student Academic Criteria

NCEA Level 2 – at least 60 credits; preference includes health credits, or equivalent.

International Students English Language Criteria

Applicants must be able to communicate competently in English. International students or residents whose first language is neither English nor Maori must have a minimum overall IELTS score of 5 with no band lower than 5.0; NZCEL Level 2 or equivalent evidence of English language proficiency as prescribed by Rule 18.